Top Escort service I will pick you up at the airport. Then take you to the hotel. Guide you all. And sex with you all day. what do you think about it . I have a private driver. This car is mine. You will be free to go places you want at any hour accompanied by a free guide. It’s me. Call me if you want a great service. Just 500 usd for 1 day with all free service. Very happy to serve you!(you have the need please send booking hotel and air ticket when you come to Hanoi)
my name is JENNY. i come from taiwan
. 21years old. How about you?
i am live in my house. I can also give you a short service with 150 uds / 1 short.I can also serve you everywhere outside Hanoi. Hai Phong, Quang Ninh … just need to pay extra travel expenses
i will serve you take a shower first . . . wash full of your body.
later take you go to bed give you a romantic touch feeling.
later do the below job for you. i make it slowly. tender treat you just as a King. …
All of my pictures are real and natural. I don’t like to cheat customers.Kindly provide me the exact hotel address. Number of hotel room me wechat,viber,whatsapp ,line .all same number

Quando mi chiami dimmi che mi hai visto su Top

Jenny Top Escort Hanoi

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